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03. 05. 2022

SV Search 2.9: A New Way to Discover the Unknown

Semantic Visions, a software-based actionable analytics firm based in Prague and London, announces the release of Semantic Visions Search (SV Search) 2.9, the most advanced version of our market-leading OSINT search tool. 

Among the updates in version 2.9 is a reorganization of how users discover information. SV Search now includes new thematic facet packages – groupings of related semantic categories – that give users a powerful and simple way to search predefined topics across 12 languages. In addition to the basic Essentials package, users can subscribe to packages on Cybersecurity; Defense & Security; Emerging & Disruptive Technologies; Financial Services; Environmental, Social & Governance; and Company Risk.

Within these facet packages are semantically-mapped topics for easy searching and leveraging cross-language categorization and contextualization. For instance, the Financial Services Industry facet includes topics such as:

  • Finance
  • Banking
  • Economic Indicators
  • Monetary Policy
  • Financial Markets
  • Commodity Markets
  • Investing
  • Insurance
  • Regulatory Compliance

“Organizing SV Search into facets gives analysts a powerful tool for solving different business cases across a variety of industries,” said Semantic Visions CEO Frantisek Vrabel. “With this new organization, using SV Search to uncover hidden risks or opportunities is as easy as clicking a button.”

A second new feature in version 2.9 is the SV Search Case Manager, which allows users to manage saved articles and queries, and to add notes to search results. The Case Manager was designed to help analysts organize and archive their searches to streamline research efforts.

SV Search uses semantic categories to mine the web, interpret meaning, and help identify threats. By collecting and analyzing 90% of the world’s online news content from more than 900,000 publicly available news sources in 12 world languages, SV Search gives users instant and unparalleled visibility of the threat ecosystem, helping to uncover previously hidden insights. SV Search was created in close collaboration with experts from technology and linguistic domains to close the gap between information noise and actionable intelligence online. 

For more information about SV Search or to request a free, no-risk demo, get in touch at or complete our contact form

About Semantic Visions

Semantic Visions is a software-based actionable analytics firm based in Prague and London, operating a military-grade open-source intelligence (OSINT) system that collects and analyzes billions of online news items across 12 major world languages. Founded in 2011, Semantic Visions runs a cross-language early warning system to protect clients from threats before they materialize. In addition to business applications, we are committed to safe-guarding democracy through the detection of disinformation and adversarial propaganda, and by fostering joint situational awareness of emerging events and trends.

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