Disinformation EWS

Disinformation EWS

Around the world, facts, truth, and trust are under attack, as malign actors sow disinformation in a bid to shift public opinion to their side. As these actitivies undermine the very foundations of democracy, governments and organizations need powerful tools to fight back. Our Disinformation Early Warning System (DEWS) solution provides a powerful semantic analysis framework to help leaders identify deceptive narratives, and to respond in real-time.

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Disinformation EWS

What we offer

DEWS is a pioneering threat-detection system bridging the gap between online falsehoods and physical risk.

A fully customizable early warning solution, DEWS provides real-time detection of adversarial propaganda and disinformation and gives users joint situational awareness of emerging events and trends.

How it works

Phase 1

DEWS monitors 90% of the world’s online news content, including foreign media outlets co-opted to deliver government-approved content, a propaganda strategy that Russia calls using “useful idiots” and Chinese officials refer to as “borrowing the boat to reach the sea.”

Phase 2

To identify adversarial content, DEWS’ algorithm employs the power of advanced semantic analysis (ASA) for the detection of so-called disinformation narratives. Each of these narratives covers a certain group of related stories and deceptive concepts, information that is spread online by state and non-state actors.

The current version of DEWS enables four separate narrative views:

Situational awareness of what is happening in cyberspace

Narrative overview across languages

Propaganda and disinformation narratives

Detailed trends for individual narratives

What we did

Tracking Antisemitism in Real Time
Tracking Antisemitism in Real Time

Disinformation EWS

Tracking Antisemitism in Real Time

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