Critical Infrastructure EWS

Critical Infrastructure EWS

To protect essential assets from intrusion or sabotage, it is essential to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Every malicious app, phishing campaign, or piece of malware has the potential to disrupt your operations, costing you money, or worse. Semantic Visions' Critical Infrastructure Early Warning System (CIEWS) solution acts like an informational net atop your networks, giving you the insights you need to act decisively and with speed. With cyber criminals unleashing hundreds of attacks per minute, every second counts.

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Critical Infrastructure EWS

What we offer

Our solution provides holistic and detailed views of the threats targeting key infrastructure sectors (such as communication networks, healthcare systems, nuclear facilities, and the defense industrial base). CIEWS is constantly monitoring OSINT sources of information to detect, analyze, and track risk across a broad spectrum of events – from social disruption to cyberterrorism – giving clients the tools they need to discover danger as it arises.

How it works

Phase 1

Using a proprietary AI solution based on advanced semantic analysis and big data semantics, CIEWS draws on billions of online media sources, webpages, and blogs across a dozen languages to give clients unparalleled situational awareness. Unlike traditional search tools, our solution is able to identify unknown events by analyzing online narratives and sentiment.

Phase 2

Through a custom dashboard, clients gain access to real-time and historical data. The current version of CIEWS enables monitoring of 16 key sectors, including:


Financial services

Chemical manufacturing

Government facilities

Food production and agriculture

What we did

Defending Infrastructure in Real-Time
Defending Infrastructure in Real-Time

Critical Infrastructure EWS

Defending Infrastructure in Real-Time

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