COVID-19 Vaccine Risk EWS

COVID-19 Vaccine Risk EWS

As Covid-19 continues its global assault, experts increasingly agree that only a vaccine can effectively bring the pandemic to heel. But even with the race to develop viable vaccines nearly won, issues like further development, production, distribution, and application remain unsolved. Adding to these uncertainties is emerging health care fraud and disinformation, which erodes trust in government responses. Our Covid-19 Vaccine Risk Early Warning System helps leaders stay one step ahead of the disruption.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Risk EWS

What we offer

Semantic Visions’ Covid-19 Vaccine Risk EWS collects, analyzes, and connects online narratives related to vaccination efforts. The solution gives organizations engaged in the research, development, distribution, application, and regulation of these vaccines the situational awareness to respond decisively to challenges and threats.

How it works

Phase 1

Using a proprietary AI solution based on advanced semantic analysis and big data semantics, our Covid-19-Vaccine Risk EWS draws on billions of online media sources, webpages, and blogs to monitor vaccine-related developments across a dozen languages. Unlike conventional search engines, our solution can detect shifts in digital sentiment, and can even predict threats before they occur.

Phase 2

Through a custom dashboard, clients have access to real-time monitoring of data related to key vaccine producers and their suppliers, making it easy to track developments.

The current version of the Covid-19 Vaccine Risk EWS enables the monitoring of:

Progress of scientific research and clinical trials

Manufacturing challenges and disruptions

Vaccine distribution delays

Vaccine-related disinformation

What we did

Defending the Covid-19 vaccination pipeline
Defending the Covid-19 vaccination pipeline

COVID-19 Vaccine Risk EWS

Defending the Covid-19 vaccination pipeline

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