Climate Risk EWS

Climate Risk EWS

Around the world, major brands are increasingly aligning their business objectives with climate change mitigation. But despite the interest in proactive environmental action, there remains no international standard to measure and monitor compliance, making it difficult to track threats and seize opportunities.

Semantic Visions’ Climate Risk Early Warning System (CREWS) was designed to fill this gap. Whether you’re a hedge fund manager, an insurance provider, or a C-suite executive, CREWS can help you reach and maintain your climate-related goals.

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Climate Risk EWS

What we offer

At the heart of CREWS is a robust monitoring solution powered by our military-grade open-source intelligence software. Backed by a robust dataset, which consists of more than 3 billion news articles across 12 languages totalling more than 80 TB of information, CREWS makes it possible to detect, monitor, and analyze risk in real time. This gives analysts, investors, portfolio managers, and others the ability to detect climate-related opportunities, and to respond to climate-related trouble before it metastasizes.

How it works

Phase 1

Using a proprietary AI solution based on advanced semantic analysis and big data semantics, CREWS collects and analyzes the content of billions of online media sources, webpages, and blogs. The CREWS platform, which is populated with a predefined list of companies, uses this data to track and analyze company-specific risks related to climate risk – such as carbon emissions or deforestation.

Phase 2

CREWS focuses on semantic categories, rather than keywords, which allows the system to uncover hidden relationships across languages and to determine whether shifting narratives online are evidence of threats emerging in real time.

Company-specific climate-related warnings include:

Carbon emissions

Environmental pollution

Packaging issues

Waste and chemical discharges


What we did

Monitoring Climate Risk and Opportunity
Monitoring Climate Risk and Opportunity

Climate Risk EWS

Monitoring Climate Risk and Opportunity

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