Semantic Visions, a software-based actionable analytics firm based in Prague and London, announces the release of Semantic Visions Search (SV Search) 2.7, the most advanced version of our market-leading OSINT search tool. SV Search enables users to create complex searches across languages using semantic categories based on proprietary domain models and algorithms. SV Search was created in close collaboration with experts from technology and linguistic domains to close the gap between information noise and actionable intelligence online. 

“SV Search is one of the most advanced analysis tools in the world, helping users from intelligence agencies, private companies, and the public sector monitor online information in real time,” says Milan Žatečka, SV Search’s Chief Product Designer. “With the current version, users will have even more power at their fingertips to keep track of information and trends most relevant to their risk scenarios.” 

SV Search’s most important new feature is the alerting system, which allows users to create notifications (in-app or email ones) triggered by the discovery of new articles matching their search query in selected languages. Alerts can be configured to deliver results in real-time or at specified times during the day.

A new alert can be created directly from the search bar in the SV Search interface. Version 2.7 also allows for the configuration of multiple alerts. The quantity and frequency of active alerts is fully customizable.

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About Semantic Visions

Semantic Visions is a software-based actionable analytics firm based in Prague and London, operating a military-grade open-source intelligence (OSINT) system that collects and analyzes billions of online news items across 12 major world languages. Founded in 2011, Semantic Visions runs a cross-language early warning system to protect clients from threats before they materialize. In addition to business applications, we are committed to safe-guarding democracy through the detection of disinformation and adversarial propaganda, and by fostering joint situational awareness of emerging events and trends.

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