Semantic Visions announces the release of Semantic Visions Search (SV Search) 2.6, the most advanced version of our market-leading OSINT search tool. Built by analysts for analysts, SV Search uses semantic categories to mine the web, interpret meaning, and help identify threats. By collecting and analyzing 90% of the world’s online news content from more than 900,000 publicly available news sources in 12 world languages, SV Search gives users instant and unparalleled visibility of the threat ecosystem, helping to uncover previously-hidden insights. 

“We are continuously working to deliver a search tool that gives analysts unparalleled insight into the open web,” says Milan Žatečka, Product Designer of SV Search. “With SV Search 2.6, users now have access to a state-of-the-art OSINT search tool that can pull back the curtain on risks, threats, and opportunities. 

The most exciting new feature for users is Semantic Suggestions. With this update, search users will be prompted with semantic suggestions while building a search query. Because SV Search detects meaning across the open web, semantic suggestions will help users identify connections that a simple keyword search engine cannot.

The second new feature is called StarTree Studio Search, which can be used to quickly navigate to the specific category represented by the StartTree node – a visual representation of Semantic Visions’ data. Search is enhanced with a live suggestion engine that can find categories based on string matches in real time based on user input.

Selected categories from suggestions are then displayed in StarTree Studio visualization immediately as an active node. Users can select multiple categories from suggestions to be displayed at once. Displayed nodes can be expanded to see connections and their relation to other topics.

Finally, SV Search 2.6 comes with an  improved StarTree Studio view. With this feature, the general view in the interactive map of categories can be changed according to user preference. Users can switch between multiple views to achieve an optimal visualization to explore data (such as radial view, dynamic view, tree view, or hierarchy view).

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About Semantic Visions

Semantic Visions is a software-based actionable analytics firm based in Prague and London, operating a military-grade open-source intelligence (OSINT) system that collects and analyzes billions of online news items across 12 major world languages. Founded in 2011, Semantic Visions runs a cross-language early warning system to protect clients from threats before they materialize. In addition to business applications, we are committed to safe-guarding democracy through the detection of disinformation and adversarial propaganda, and by fostering joint situational awareness of emerging events and trends.

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