NELEŽ, an online anti-disinformation initiative supported by Semantic Visions, has partnered with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a UK-based leader in ranking, identifying, and defunding websites that publish malicious falsehoods and “fake news.”  

The new partnership will help NELEŽ deepen efforts to disrupt the business model supporting websites that regularly publish disinformation. By working together, NELEŽ and GDI will help the digital advertising industry ensure that disinformation sites are not inadvertently profiting from misplaced ads.

“GDI is proud to partner with NELEŽ,” said Dr. Daniel Rogers, GDI Co-founder and CTO. “Our shared work provides advertisers critical insights from around the world needed to cut funding flows to disinformation sites.” GDI will use the partnership to expand its rating capabilities into the Czech market and safeguard its European licensees from exposure to disinformation.

Roman Číhalík, Co-founder and Chairman of NELEŽ, and a Semantic Visions consultant, says the new partnership will help the organization reach more advertisers at home and abroad. “Despite the pervasiveness of online disinformation in Central and Eastern Europe, there is no other initiative doing what we do. Our partnership with GDI will help us increase our reach by building our coalition of global brands committed to a web free of dangerous lies.”

Created in 2020 by Czech advertising and marketing professionals, and co-founded by Semantic Visions CEO Frantisek Vrabel, NELEŽ (which translates to “get real” in Czech) is the biggest such initiative in the CEE region, with nearly 200 Czech and global brands committed to non-financing of disinformation websites through their advertising. Semantic Visions’ data is used to identify and rank the worst offending disinformation websites.

Says Číhalík: “Typically, well-meaning advertisers have no idea that their ads are appearing on sites known as purveyors of disinformation. Once we alert them, most brands happily work with us to blacklist these sites.” While social media spreads and amplifies falsehoods, Číhalík says, most disinformation narratives can be traced to web publishers. “Therefore, keeping ads off these sites and de-funding their operations is a key strategy in the disinformation war,” he says. 

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