How Russia makes politics with viruses

Diseases had previously served the KGB as an occasion for targeted disinformation. Today the corona crisis is used to make Russia look good and the West look bad.

By Maik Baumgärtner , Marcel Rosenbach and Alexander Sarovic – 04/08/2020, 00∶25 AM

Did the novel corona virus develop in British military laboratories? Was it bred by Latvian scientists? Or is Covid-19 an American bio-weapon? Scientists believe that the virus spread from bats to another mammal before it infected humans. It is not surprising that there are wild conspiracy theories surrounding the origin of the virus that ignore these findings.

Viruses have served in the past as a reason for disinformation campaigns and so-called active measures, as the CIA called the work of “Service A” at the Soviet secret service KGB. Plague agents are invisible, scary, stir up fears and are therefore ideally suited to sow mistrust and discord.

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