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01. 02. 2021

Defending Infrastructure in Real-Time

The Challenge

For governments and their leaders, defending critical infrastructure is a never-ending obsession. Protecting the many companies that produce our energy, clean our water, and power our economies has become harder as capabilities for waging hybrid and cyber warfare have grown more sophisticated. 

To harden critical infrastructure assets, to strengthen situational awareness, and to extract actionable intelligence from online noise, analysts and security leaders need tools to identify emerging threats in real time. Every malicious app, phishing campaign, and piece of malware carries a debilitating potential. In the struggle to defend critical infrastructure, every second counts; the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) EWS ensures clients always stay one step ahead of their adversaries.

The Solution

CIP leverages Semantic Visions’ military-grade Open-Source Intelligence system and database, which consists of 3 billion news articles across 12 languages, totaling 80 TB of granular and precise metadata dating to January 2008. With this robust and constantly growing dataset, we are able to provide industry and government leaders with the digital means to remediate risk and monitor critical infrastructure assets. 

Unlike traditional search tools, CIP is able to identify unknown events by analyzing online narratives and sentiment. To do this, CIP draws on our proprietary AI solution based on advanced semantic analysis (ASA) and big data semantics (BDS). ASA generates granular and precise metadata based on a cross-language principle, while BDS synthesizes scenarios into events, sentiment, and entities related to topics such as cybersecurity, physical security, industrial accidents, natural disasters, and health. 

These capabilities, developed from unclassified data, give clients unrivaled access to mission-critical intelligence. As Robert Cardillo, former director of the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, has noted, unclassified information, when harnessed properly, has the potential to be “broader and richer” than classified data. With CIP, we deliver this richness directly to your workspace.

The Result

CIP EWS stands ready to cast an added layer of security over infrastructure that is too important to fail. With Semantic Visions’ Critical Infrastructure Protection EWS, analysts and security officers have a robust informational net sitting atop existing networks, making critical infrastructure defense a data-driven exercise.

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